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About the Blog

This blog will be mostly about books, some by others, some of my own…reading, writing and writers, what I like to think of as the lasting magic of the printed word. I’ll sprinkle in a few writerly tidbits that I’ve stolen from others. I have no qualms about stealing info, because, 1) it was probably stolen from someone else in the first place, and 2) eventually it all finds its way back into the common pool.

Writers, writers, everywhere…in my own community I’ve discovered more people writing–and writing very well–than I’d ever imagined. From the nationwide proliferation of MFA programs, writing conferences and such, I’m guessing this is the case almost everywhere, so this blog is my way of joining the chorus.

So far as content is concerned, this blog will follow, for better or worse, my own habits in writing and reading, that is to say, anything goes. Literary omnivore is probably just a more polite way of saying literary scatterbrain, and I claim that title proudly. Expect comments on anything from WAR AND PEACE (yeah, I’ve read it) to Sunday comic strips (Dilbert rocks! Wally is my personal hero). So, fiction and non-, literary, genre or whatever. Anything except poetry, because I just don’t get it (must be genetic).